Tuesday, 18 February 2014

NYC Toy Fair 2014 - Barbie

So This is just a post of all the pics that I found on the internet of the dolls that were show cased at the New York Toy Fair 2014. I will be doing separate posts for Monster High, Ever After High and Barbie.

Lets start with the New Barbie I can Be...Entrepreneur. Yes Babs is going to start her own business.

Her outfits is amazing!! I will def be getting one of these dolls to strip for the clothes and the Raquelle one for display.

So sophisticated!!

Next greatest Barbie News for me is the Barbie Style dolls. I spoke about them in this post. Back than the pictures of the wave 2 was released an the discription said there would 5 dolls in the wave and we only had pictures of 4. I was holding my thumbs for a Nikki. and I got what I wanted!! If you look a the book on the boxed Barbie you can see what seems to be a Nikki. The purple Jacket that Raquelle is wearing looks like it will belong to Nikki. 

Here is a closer look:

Here are just some other interesting play line dolls.

Yip, I will be buying these for their dresses.

And just some High Res promo pics of the dolls:

Love this outfit!!

Not revealed at the Toy Fair but I thought I would add it any ways

Those SHOES!!!!

There were others like the Sports illistarted Barbie....But I wasn't interested....As you know I am a Playline Fan!!