Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Looking back at 2013

2013 was a big doll year for me. Not only did I start my MH collection but I also started my Disney Store doll collection too. Not to mention I started blogging :)

These are My favourites of 2013.  I tired to keep it to 5 but I couldn't.

Disney Store (Starting from the back):
- 2013 17" Singing Ariel (one of my Grails )
- 2010 Disney Parks Rapunzel (Thanks again Robert!!)
- 2012 First Release Merida
- 2012 Classic Ariel (on a Liv body - My First Disney Store 12" doll)
Monster High
- Forbitten Love Draculaura (the one that started it all)
- Nefera
- Dead tired Ghoulia
- Glitter Fashionistas Raquelle
- LITDH Raquelle
- LITDH Summer
- LITDH Midge
- LITDH Teresa

It was a good year. 2014 is already looking good with the New Barbie Style dolls coming out.
Happy New Year Buddies!! Stay safe and I wish you a dolly filled 2014!!

PS Excuse the colourful Christmas trees they were on sale and I couldn't pass them up :)

Monday, 30 December 2013

2014 Wish Lists

Ok we all have Wish Lists, but we also know that not all wishes come true. So with that in mind here are my Wish lists for 2014. I am going to try and stick to only buying what is on my lists so that I don't have too many impulse buys.

So lets start with my Barbie Wish List.

  Barbie Style Wave 1
- Barbie 1
- Barbie 2
- Teresa
- Raquelle
Barbie Style Wave 2
- Barbie 1
- Barbie 2
- Midge
- Raquelle
LITDH Midge and Barbie 2pack
LITDH Barbie
Glitter Raquelle - Got her :)
Glitter Summer
Beach Raquelle
Beach Barbie
Fab Fashions Barbie
Fab Pink Babrie
Fab Pink Barbie in mermaid dress
Barbie and Friends - Teresa
Barbie and Friends - Raquelle
Barbie and Raquelle 2 pack
Barbie loves Minnie

Next up is My Monster High/ Ever After High Wish Lists

Ever After High
- Sig Raven
- Sig Apple
- Sig Maddie
- Sig Briar
- Ashlyn and Hunter 2 pack
- Sig Cherise
- Sig Cupid
I am not sold on Blondie I will have to see her in person to decide.
- Apple's Couch
- Raven's vanity

Monster High
Not too much on here
- CB Toralai
- FCA Elisabat
- GS Venus
- Sig Catrine
- 13W Gigi
- NS Clawdeen
- NS Catrine
- Sig Robecca
Not pictured
- New Gigi, And Catty

I will wait for better pics of the new dolls to see if I really want them.

Mattel....I love you. Keep up the awesomeness!!! You have proven you can do it, so don't drop the ball again.

Not all my wishes will come true next year, and I am fine with that. As long as some of them come true, that is fine with me :)

What is on your Wish Lists for 2014??

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Barbie Style Wave 2!!

Mattel is really pulling out all the stops for 2014.

Looks like Babs got a fashion make-over. She finally realized you can have too much pink and glitter. These girls look amaze!!!  Who ever took over the Barbie department at Mattel: THANK YOU!!! Edit: Aha!! I found out who you are!! Thank you Judy Choi!!!

Look at Midge's little shoes with bows!! And Barbies B/W pants with adorbs pink shoes and pleather jacket!! Raquelle with her shorts and boots and Barbie with boots and socks!! I love them!! They will all be MINE!!! There is also a 5th doll in this line. Her Pics haven't been released yet. I am hoping for a revamped Nikki. They are rumored to be a US fall release.

Barbie Style Wave 2

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the Barbie Style line (also known as Barbie Glam Luxe line). They seem to be the New Fashionistas. They are fully articulated (Chest joint included) and their fashions are top quality. They also have rooted eyelashes like the LITDH girls. So I would say they are a cross between the Fashionitas and the LITDH girls.

The first wave was released not so long ago, but we have yet to see the Raquelle. So far only the 2 Barbies and Teresa has been released. Edit: A friend in the US (Virginia) said she found Raquelle in Stores (K-Mart to be specific) !! Happy Hunting dolly friends!!

Barbie Style Wave 1

Any ways I am loving the new Barbies. Thier fashions are AWESOME!! and I will have every single on of them. Also if you didn't notice Raquelle is wearing the outfit Teresa designed fro her fashion show in the episode of Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse: Trapped in the Dreamhouse.

Well thats me for now.


New Monster High dolls. Pics leaked. Freaky Fusion

Guys New dolls have just been leaked. They tie in with a new Monster high Movie called Freaky Fusion. Enough Talk lets look at pics!!

Some type of Sports line. Include Clawdeen, Spectra?? and Toralai

OMW Gigi!!! and Catty!! and Twyla!! YAY!!

Some type of castle play set that ties in with the new Movie (Freaky Fusion)

New Characters!! A CENTAUR!! and a mermaid. There is also some fairy thing??

Ghoulia is so cute!! Frankie, operetta and Scarah

I am loving these New dolls. I will definitely be getting a few.


Friday, 27 December 2013

Raquelle Collection

Raquelle has definitely become better than Barbie. For those who don't know who Raquelle is. She is the Asian friend of Barbie who was introduced near the end of the Fashion Fever line. This was before my collecting started so I don't have any of her.

2009 started the era of the Fashionistas. Raquelle was only introduced to the Fasionistas in 2012 in the what is known as the Clutch Wave 1 (please excuse the photos, This was when I first started and my photography skills were not the best) My box arrived in the mail a bit damaged but I didn't mind she was going to be taken out anyway.

Here is a Pic of the other boxes of this wave. I really liked these designs and how the boxed matched the dolls. The first Teresa box is actually from Clutch wave 2.

 Here are the dolls I have from Clutch Wave 1. I am missing Nikki

The next Raquelle I added to my collection was this Raquelle that I called Mari

She was the line from the Fashionistas that came with a pet.

The Next Raquelle was Katrin. She is from the Movie Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2. The Chinese Ambassador Mermaid. I rebodied her on Fashionistas Clutch wave 2 Raquelle body.

Here Clutch Wave 2 Raqullle who dontated her body to Katrin. Looking at her now she might have to give her body back. but we will see.


The next Raquelle to join my growing army was the Raquelle from the Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. Based on the web series of the same name. She is my Favourite Raquelle. I love her rooted Eyelashes and facial expression.

The Latest Raquelle to join the army is the Fashionista Glitter Raquelle. I am going to remove the tinsel in her hair as it just annoys me and I think she will look better without it.

Well that is all my Raquelles for now.

Until  next time


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Happiness!!

My Beyond Awesome Fiance not only got me Glitter Raquelle but also Surprised me with The Disney Store 17" Singing Ariel.

There is no Disney Store here and shipping such a big doll from the US is a killer.
So She was unobtainable for me. As much as I wanted her I just couldn't get her. So she was one of my Grail dolls (Dolls you want but know you will never get).

But my sneaky Fiance managed to get her for me. He had a friend who went to Germany in November on Holiday and She brought Ariel back for me. He hid her in the Garage as he knows I won't go there because there are spiders (**shiver** spiders) So I had no Idea when he pulled this massive box out on Christmas. I was completely Surprised!!

I am so Happy to have her. I haven't taken her out the box yet. I want to make her loads of dresses I already have some designs in mind. I also want to try see if I can make some shoes too.

My Fiance is definitely the BEST man in the entire Universe!! sorry to all you other guys...but it is true ^-^

Here is a quick pic of them both. I will do a review on The Disney Store 17" Singing Ariel. I will also do a Raquelle Collection in my next post.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Monster High Dolls: Ghoulia, Venus, Frankie

"We are Monsters we are proud! We are Monsters say it loud!"

I love Monster High. Not only the dolls and the webisodes, but what they stand for and the message that they are bringing to girls. Their message is to not be afraid of who you are, because we are all perfectly imperfect. We all have our own Freaky Flaws that make us unique and Freaky Fabulous.

Monster High encourages kids to accept not only themselves, but the differences in other people. It is really good message to send. I just hope it is working.

Here are 3 of my Monster High dolls. First up is Dead Tired Ghoulia Yelps. She is a zombie, but even though she is a zombie, and zombies are considered slow, she is the smartest ghoul in school. I love her blue hair. She is definitely one of my favourite Monster High dolls. She is not wearing her original outfit that she came with. She is wearing Signature Frankie's dress and Signature Venus's jacket.

My next ghoul to show you is Signature Venus McFlytrap. She is a plant monster. She is a Eco-warrior and in the webisodes she encourages environmental awareness. My Venus is not wearing her signature outfit. She is wearing Picture Day Draculaura's top, her own skirt, Swim Class Venus vines and Ghouls rule Draculaura's leggings.

The last ghoul I am going to show you today is Signature Frankie Stein. She is the Daughter of Frankenstein. Frankie is the main character in the Monster High webisodes. She is always willing to lend a hand to a friend (her hand literally comes off).  My Frankie is not wearing her signature outfit. She is wearing Home Ick Frankie's dress and a skirt from one of the Frankie fashion packs. This doll is voltageous, from her black and white hair to her different coloured eyes. I also love the stitch detailing on her arms and legs.

So those are some of my ghouls. I love that each character is unique. I hope Mattel can keep it up.

What are your thoughts on the line?? do you like them or are they just too freaky for you??

Well that is me for now. TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now)

Friday, 22 November 2013

Some of my Disney Store Dolls

Oki dokes let go...post number 2!! 

This is a Disney post (In case you didn't get that from the title). I have always loved Disney. My favourite Disney Animated movie is...if you guessed it right you get internet cookies....The Little Mermaid . Which little girl doesn't like that movie? Fun fact: The movie premiered the same year I was born, so that makes it extra special. :)

I have four different Disney Store Ariel dolls: Animators Collection, 2010 Classic, 2012 Classic and the 2013 Classic. You may have spotted 2013 Ariel in my previous post. 

Here is my 2012 Ariel doll. She is very Special to me as she was my very first Disney Store doll, and also my first ebay purchase. I didn't like her original body because of the hinge joints at the knees (they look awful). So I re-bodied her on a Liv body.

Next up we have my 2nd Disney Doll that I got from a friend on Flickr. She is the Disney Parks Rapunzel doll. If you don't know already she is from the Disney movie Tangled. The movie was awesome. The animation was mind blowing for me. This movie came very close to knocking Ariel's 21 year hold of best Disney Movie Ever title. I think I loved this movies so much because the same guy who did the music for TLM also did the music for Tangled. So the movies were similar...in a way.


Next on my list of Disney dollies to show you today is Merida from the Disney/Pixar Movie Brave. This movie was epic. The first princess to challenge the norms of princessness (is that a word??) She is a Arrow shooting, sword fighting Scottish princess from the Clan Dunbroch. Her spunk and attitude will show little girls everywhere that you don't have to sing or be girly to be a princess. I really do love this doll. Her face is so detailed and captures her character perfectly.  

Well that is all I am going to show you for now. I will post more of my Disney dolls on another day. 
Out of these 3 which is your favourite??

TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now) 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

First Post!!! YAY!!

It is my first post. Can you scream YAY!!

Let me introduce myself.....Hi **waves** I am Berry, I am 24 and I have an obsession with dolls....that sounds like an AA meeting intro. I can almost hear the "Hi Berry". LOL!! But it is all true. I love my dolls! They are a bit of my childhood that stayed alive. They keep me young and stress free. 

If you are considered an "Adult" and you collect dolls you know the feeling. You will also be familiar with people saying you are too old for dolls. Can some one show me where on the packaging of the doll in question is there an age Limit. Yes it has an age Restriction that is fair. Kids under 3 are still....umm how can I put this...ummm...stupid. They will stick a doll shoe up their nose or try to eat it and that doesn't usually end well.

Okay enough of that. The point is that there is no age Limit on fun. So if you are some cynical person reading this and judging me as some crazy person...you are right. I am crazy. I am totally bonkers. Normal is boring and dull. Being "normal" is only meant for people who want to live their lives in stress and sadness. Can I have a collective "Awwwww" Poor unfortunate souls.

Any-who... I collect Monster High, Disney Store and Barbie (Playline). I want to collect the Ever After High line too but they haven't come this side of the pond yet. I also don't collect the collector barbies as they almost never come to our stores and if they do it is only the stiff ones. Articulation is a must for me. If I have to pay collector prices (which is extremely expensive here) they have to have more than just a pretty face.

Well that is a short get-to-know post. I hope this blog brings loads of fun and maybe it will let someone know that it is alright to be yourself, even if yourself is crazy. So come to the fun side :)

Here is Ariel saying "Hi"

 If you are wondering she is a 2013 Disney Store Classic Ariel Doll.

Well that is all for now. TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now)