Thursday, 30 January 2014

Raquelle has be FOUND!!!!

Finally after months of waiting and speculating "is she going to be released?" We fianlly have solid proof that she in fact exists. Barbie Style Glam Luxe Wave 1 Raquelle has finally been found.

She was found by Picklepud on Flickr. This is their Photo (All credit goes to Picklepud). They found her on Amazon UK. So those in the UK go get her....go get her NOW.

Barbie Style Glam Luxe Wave 1 Raquelle
Isn't she amazing!!! If you haven't checked out Picklepud's Photostream go check it out!! Their photo's are incredible!! One of the best doll photographers on Flickr (IMHO).

Well that is me.


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Who's Who in my Barbie doll house

Oh Mattel you make such wonderful things.

Well toady I will introduce you to my entire Barbie Collection. I have 14 in total...That is if you don't count the ones I bought for their clothes and the ones that became body donors. I only collect Playline. In case you were wondering I don't own a Barbie doll house. I just call it that for Funsies.

Barbie has always been a part of my world. I have loved her for as long as I can remember. Me and my sister spent hours playing with our dolls. When she out grew them (I know can you out grow dolls!!) I played with my brother and his action figures.  He had Action Man and Max Steel.

I never had a Ken. Every time I wanted to get one I always opted to get another Barbie saying "I will get a Ken next time." It never happened. I still don't own a Ken. I wanted to get the Life in the Dreamhouse Ken, but once again I chose to rather get the girls. Telling myself, I will get him next time. Maybe one day I will actually buy one....maybe.

Anywho...on to the dolls.

First Up is Courtney:


Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Current Monster High Collection

I started collecting Monster high almost exactly a year ago. It started with the Forbitten Love Draculaura and has grown since than. My first MH doll for 2014 was Scaris Catrine that I received in a Christmas Swap box. She is too cute.

Here is a group shot of all my Ghouls.

Starting from the Back left: Scaris Jinafire, Mad Science Lagoona, Sig Abbey (1st release), Sig Nefera, Sig Cleo, Sig Venus, Forbitten Love Draculaura, Dead Tired Ghoulia, Sig Frankie (Re-release), Sig Rochelle, Scaris Catrine.

I took some smaller group shots too, so you guys can get a better look at them :).

The core ghouls - I am just missing Clawden

I love how this pic turned out

This photo is just a fun one. It is Summer here so I decided to do a Swimwear shoot. I really need to find Cleo a better swimsuit as well as the rest of my Ghouls

Summer Fun
Well that is me for today. I still need to do that Review on my Disney Singing Ariel. I will get to that soon.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Re-bodying Tutorial.

Ever had a doll that you absolutely love but hate that she is not fully articulated? Well I have had a few. Another scenario is that the doll you have is articulated but the articulation is flawed.

This was the case for my Disney Store dolls. I hated the articulation that the Disney Store gave their dolls in 2012 (some still have it in the 2013 releases). When I received my 2012 Ariel I immediately re-bodied her on a Liv doll. I recently re-bodied my Merida on a Liv doll too and I was asked how I did it. So I made a little tutorial so that those who want to re-body their dolls can know how to. It is very easy really. I admit when I first started doing this it was nerve wracking but after a few be-headings it became second nature.

First off lets look at the head pegs of the different dolls that I have:

Barbie, Disney Store, Liv

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Modern Disney Girls

Yay for first post of 2014!! Today was a public Holiday so I spent it having some fun with my dolls. I re-bodied my 2012 (first release) Disney Store Merida doll on a Liv Schools Out Hayden body. She came out looking awesome!! The more modest girl body of the Liv doll suited Merida perfectly!!

Merida right after her body swap

When I posted this on my Flickr account a friend suggested that I give all my Disney girls a modern look. So I accepted the challenge as I haven't done something like this before, not with all my Disney girls. Well, this was the result:

Group shot

I don't have a Jasmine or a Mulan yet and my Tiana is in need of a spa day before she is camera ready. Anna and Elsa should be on their way to me soon too.

So lets start with the pre-renaissance princesses. I loved how Snow turned out!! I need to fix her hair though it is still quite frizzy. For Cinders I tried to capture the original colours of her ball gown (Silver and white). Eventually I would like to reroot her in a strawberry blond colour like in the movie. As for Aurora I wanted an outfit that captures her as Briar Rose (The name given to her by the 3 good fairies that raised her). It contains both Blue and Pink, so Flora and Merryweather don't have to fight over the colour :P

2011 DS Snow White, 2010 DS Cinderella, 2013 DS Aurora

The dress I put Belle in reminds me of a Mondern version of her village dress. Pocahontas outfit just seems right, and I believe she would wear something like this. For Rapunzel I tried to give her a more arty look. I am happy how it turned out.

2011 DS Belle, 2013 DS Pocahontas, 2010 Disney Parks Rapunzel

Lastly are my Disney Store Liv Hybrid girls. Merida never without her bow and Ariel looking ready for a beach day!!

2012 DS Merida, 2012 DS Ariel
This was a fun project and kept me busy for most of the day. I love how they all turned out :). So that was how I spent my first day of 2014. It was a good start to the year.