Saturday, 8 February 2014

Stardoll Review

I bought a Stardoll because it was on sale and I have always loved this dress. I know Stardolls are old news and most of you guys probably know about them, but here is my thoughts on them

I bought the red one from the Fallen Angel Style.

Here she is in her box.

I simply Love the red in her hair!! they eyelashes are a nice touch but they are not as long as the Life in the Dreamhouse dolls.

back of the Box
It was very easy to remove the back panel from the outer box.

Outer cover removed

Back panel

Here she is all removed from her box:

She came with a clear stand, bag and Stardoll gift card to use on their website.

The stand however cannot be used for Barbie. Which is unfortunate as it is a nice sturdy stand. As you can see in the picture Raquelle's feet do not touch the base. I tried to push the further down but it will only go to a certain height.

I am flying!!!

Raquelle and the Stardoll next to each other. The Stardoll has a much smaller head.

Below is a body comparison of Raquelle, Stardoll and Liv (Disney\Liv hybrid). if you wanted to re-body This particular Stardoll I would suggest a Liv Hayden body as it seems to be a good skin tone match.

The Liv body fits the clothes well and can fit these shoes.

Raquelle (or Barbie) fits the clothes ok. the dress doesn't close completely at the back and the stockings are a bit loose. The shoes are obviously too big. Overall it can look good on a Barbie doll.

Overall I quite like her. She might become a permanent addition to my doll house if I can find her some articulation.

I think the dress looks amazing on Raquelle.