Saturday, 8 February 2014

Oh My Ghouls!!

Just like I did with my Barbie dolls I am going to show you guys all my Ghouls.

First up Draculaura

She was my Very first Monster High doll. She is the Forbitten Love Draculaura. She remains to this day my Favourite Monster High doll.

Next is Ghoulia:

Dead Tired Ghoulia was my second Monster high doll. She is absolutely stunning and a dream to photograph. Im my opinion the best Ghoulia ever!

Next is Lagoona

My 3rd Monster High doll. She is the Mad Science Lagoona. I still need to fix her glue issues.

My 4th doll is Nefera:

What a stunning doll!! I wish Mattel would make more Fashion Packs for her. This doll needs more shoes!!

The Next doll I got was Abbey:

She is the first release of Signature Abbey. to me she is the best Abbey. 

Nest is Venus

Signature Venus is stunning!! Venus is one of my Fav characters.

Next up is Rochelle:

My Rochelle had terrible glue issues. Luckly I was able to fix it with some baby powder! now her hair is no longer sticky.

Next is Cleo:

I traded the Deuce from this set to get a box full of Monster high clothes :) I am happy with this Cleo but I really like the look of the New Frights Camera Action Cleo.

Next is Jinafire

I loved Jinafire from the moment I saw her promo pics. I couldn't wait the 6 months for her to arrive in my country so I got a friend in the US to send her to me!!

Next is Frankie:

I didn't like her in her sig outfit but I like her darker lip colour. I think this Frankie looks awesome in the cobolt blue and silver.

Nest is Catrine:

I got Catrine in a swap I participated in over Christmas. I was so happy to receive her as there is no Walmart in my country. She is stunning!!

Lastly is Gigi

She is the last Monster High doll that I have bought. Once again I fell in love with her when I saw her promo pics. she is definitely a must have in a collection. I plan to take her hair down to see how it looks.

Those are my Monster High dolls.... for now.