Saturday, 28 December 2013

Barbie Style Wave 2!!

Mattel is really pulling out all the stops for 2014.

Looks like Babs got a fashion make-over. She finally realized you can have too much pink and glitter. These girls look amaze!!!  Who ever took over the Barbie department at Mattel: THANK YOU!!! Edit: Aha!! I found out who you are!! Thank you Judy Choi!!!

Look at Midge's little shoes with bows!! And Barbies B/W pants with adorbs pink shoes and pleather jacket!! Raquelle with her shorts and boots and Barbie with boots and socks!! I love them!! They will all be MINE!!! There is also a 5th doll in this line. Her Pics haven't been released yet. I am hoping for a revamped Nikki. They are rumored to be a US fall release.

Barbie Style Wave 2

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the Barbie Style line (also known as Barbie Glam Luxe line). They seem to be the New Fashionistas. They are fully articulated (Chest joint included) and their fashions are top quality. They also have rooted eyelashes like the LITDH girls. So I would say they are a cross between the Fashionitas and the LITDH girls.

The first wave was released not so long ago, but we have yet to see the Raquelle. So far only the 2 Barbies and Teresa has been released. Edit: A friend in the US (Virginia) said she found Raquelle in Stores (K-Mart to be specific) !! Happy Hunting dolly friends!!

Barbie Style Wave 1

Any ways I am loving the new Barbies. Thier fashions are AWESOME!! and I will have every single on of them. Also if you didn't notice Raquelle is wearing the outfit Teresa designed fro her fashion show in the episode of Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse: Trapped in the Dreamhouse.

Well thats me for now.