Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Happiness!!

My Beyond Awesome Fiance not only got me Glitter Raquelle but also Surprised me with The Disney Store 17" Singing Ariel.

There is no Disney Store here and shipping such a big doll from the US is a killer.
So She was unobtainable for me. As much as I wanted her I just couldn't get her. So she was one of my Grail dolls (Dolls you want but know you will never get).

But my sneaky Fiance managed to get her for me. He had a friend who went to Germany in November on Holiday and She brought Ariel back for me. He hid her in the Garage as he knows I won't go there because there are spiders (**shiver** spiders) So I had no Idea when he pulled this massive box out on Christmas. I was completely Surprised!!

I am so Happy to have her. I haven't taken her out the box yet. I want to make her loads of dresses I already have some designs in mind. I also want to try see if I can make some shoes too.

My Fiance is definitely the BEST man in the entire Universe!! sorry to all you other guys...but it is true ^-^

Here is a quick pic of them both. I will do a review on The Disney Store 17" Singing Ariel. I will also do a Raquelle Collection in my next post.