Thursday, 21 November 2013

First Post!!! YAY!!

It is my first post. Can you scream YAY!!

Let me introduce myself.....Hi **waves** I am Berry, I am 24 and I have an obsession with dolls....that sounds like an AA meeting intro. I can almost hear the "Hi Berry". LOL!! But it is all true. I love my dolls! They are a bit of my childhood that stayed alive. They keep me young and stress free. 

If you are considered an "Adult" and you collect dolls you know the feeling. You will also be familiar with people saying you are too old for dolls. Can some one show me where on the packaging of the doll in question is there an age Limit. Yes it has an age Restriction that is fair. Kids under 3 are still....umm how can I put this...ummm...stupid. They will stick a doll shoe up their nose or try to eat it and that doesn't usually end well.

Okay enough of that. The point is that there is no age Limit on fun. So if you are some cynical person reading this and judging me as some crazy are right. I am crazy. I am totally bonkers. Normal is boring and dull. Being "normal" is only meant for people who want to live their lives in stress and sadness. Can I have a collective "Awwwww" Poor unfortunate souls.

Any-who... I collect Monster High, Disney Store and Barbie (Playline). I want to collect the Ever After High line too but they haven't come this side of the pond yet. I also don't collect the collector barbies as they almost never come to our stores and if they do it is only the stiff ones. Articulation is a must for me. If I have to pay collector prices (which is extremely expensive here) they have to have more than just a pretty face.

Well that is a short get-to-know post. I hope this blog brings loads of fun and maybe it will let someone know that it is alright to be yourself, even if yourself is crazy. So come to the fun side :)

Here is Ariel saying "Hi"

 If you are wondering she is a 2013 Disney Store Classic Ariel Doll.

Well that is all for now. TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now)