Saturday, 23 November 2013

Monster High Dolls: Ghoulia, Venus, Frankie

"We are Monsters we are proud! We are Monsters say it loud!"

I love Monster High. Not only the dolls and the webisodes, but what they stand for and the message that they are bringing to girls. Their message is to not be afraid of who you are, because we are all perfectly imperfect. We all have our own Freaky Flaws that make us unique and Freaky Fabulous.

Monster High encourages kids to accept not only themselves, but the differences in other people. It is really good message to send. I just hope it is working.

Here are 3 of my Monster High dolls. First up is Dead Tired Ghoulia Yelps. She is a zombie, but even though she is a zombie, and zombies are considered slow, she is the smartest ghoul in school. I love her blue hair. She is definitely one of my favourite Monster High dolls. She is not wearing her original outfit that she came with. She is wearing Signature Frankie's dress and Signature Venus's jacket.

My next ghoul to show you is Signature Venus McFlytrap. She is a plant monster. She is a Eco-warrior and in the webisodes she encourages environmental awareness. My Venus is not wearing her signature outfit. She is wearing Picture Day Draculaura's top, her own skirt, Swim Class Venus vines and Ghouls rule Draculaura's leggings.

The last ghoul I am going to show you today is Signature Frankie Stein. She is the Daughter of Frankenstein. Frankie is the main character in the Monster High webisodes. She is always willing to lend a hand to a friend (her hand literally comes off).  My Frankie is not wearing her signature outfit. She is wearing Home Ick Frankie's dress and a skirt from one of the Frankie fashion packs. This doll is voltageous, from her black and white hair to her different coloured eyes. I also love the stitch detailing on her arms and legs.

So those are some of my ghouls. I love that each character is unique. I hope Mattel can keep it up.

What are your thoughts on the line?? do you like them or are they just too freaky for you??

Well that is me for now. TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now)