Monday, 30 December 2013

2014 Wish Lists

Ok we all have Wish Lists, but we also know that not all wishes come true. So with that in mind here are my Wish lists for 2014. I am going to try and stick to only buying what is on my lists so that I don't have too many impulse buys.

So lets start with my Barbie Wish List.

  Barbie Style Wave 1
- Barbie 1
- Barbie 2
- Teresa
- Raquelle
Barbie Style Wave 2
- Barbie 1
- Barbie 2
- Midge
- Raquelle
LITDH Midge and Barbie 2pack
LITDH Barbie
Glitter Raquelle - Got her :)
Glitter Summer
Beach Raquelle
Beach Barbie
Fab Fashions Barbie
Fab Pink Babrie
Fab Pink Barbie in mermaid dress
Barbie and Friends - Teresa
Barbie and Friends - Raquelle
Barbie and Raquelle 2 pack
Barbie loves Minnie

Next up is My Monster High/ Ever After High Wish Lists

Ever After High
- Sig Raven
- Sig Apple
- Sig Maddie
- Sig Briar
- Ashlyn and Hunter 2 pack
- Sig Cherise
- Sig Cupid
I am not sold on Blondie I will have to see her in person to decide.
- Apple's Couch
- Raven's vanity

Monster High
Not too much on here
- CB Toralai
- FCA Elisabat
- GS Venus
- Sig Catrine
- 13W Gigi
- NS Clawdeen
- NS Catrine
- Sig Robecca
Not pictured
- New Gigi, And Catty

I will wait for better pics of the new dolls to see if I really want them.

Mattel....I love you. Keep up the awesomeness!!! You have proven you can do it, so don't drop the ball again.

Not all my wishes will come true next year, and I am fine with that. As long as some of them come true, that is fine with me :)

What is on your Wish Lists for 2014??