Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Who's Who in my Barbie doll house

Oh Mattel you make such wonderful things.

Well toady I will introduce you to my entire Barbie Collection. I have 14 in total...That is if you don't count the ones I bought for their clothes and the ones that became body donors. I only collect Playline. In case you were wondering I don't own a Barbie doll house. I just call it that for Funsies.

Barbie has always been a part of my world. I have loved her for as long as I can remember. Me and my sister spent hours playing with our dolls. When she out grew them (I know can you out grow dolls!!) I played with my brother and his action figures.  He had Action Man and Max Steel.

I never had a Ken. Every time I wanted to get one I always opted to get another Barbie saying "I will get a Ken next time." It never happened. I still don't own a Ken. I wanted to get the Life in the Dreamhouse Ken, but once again I chose to rather get the girls. Telling myself, I will get him next time. Maybe one day I will actually buy one....maybe.

Anywho...on to the dolls.

First Up is Courtney:


She is a Teen Courtney from the Fashion Party line. Released in 2000. I found her at a toy store end of November 2013. She immediately got rebodied on a Fashionista body (Her original body was the Teen Skipper Body) She is a beautiful doll, I love her natural look. Her hair is absolutely amazing. What drew me the most about her is that she has red hair...I am a sucker for red head dolls. The shade of red that they used for her is such a rich auburn colour. Absoluely lovely!! If you have an opotunity to get one, go for it!! You won't regret it.

Next we have Kylie:


Originally the Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 beach line Burnett doll, Released in 2012. She represented a character in the movie called Kylie. She is using, what is known as the Carnival Face sculpt, which is also used for Gabriella doll from High School Musical. I bought her originally for her bikini, but once I got her out of the box and felt her gorgeous thick hair I knew I had to keep her. So she got rebodied and added to my permanent collection. Once again I love that she has toned down, more natural make-up. She photographs beautifully and is overall a wonderful doll in my collection. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that she had glue seepage. I managed to fix it so her hair is soft and silky now, But more on how to fix glue seepage in another post.

Next up is Katrin:


Another doll from the Barbie Movie: a Mermaid Tale 2. This time she was originally from the mermaid line of the movie. She was the Chinese ambassador Mermaid. In the movie she was also called Katrin. I quite like the same so it stuck. I love the Raquelle face sculpt. I have quite a few dolls that use it. She was the 3rd one that I got that used this face sculpt. I bought her because her colour pallet is just so cute and fun!! Her hair is really soft and silky. They only problem I had with her is that the plastic bow that she came with in her hair was actually placed in her head. I had to dip her head in hot water to remove the stupid thing. It would of been better if they had rather made it like a clip.

This is Zelena:


This beauty was originally a Fairytopia Magical Mermaid Barbie released in 2003. I bought her way back then and have only recently rebodied her. She is the oldest Barbie of mine..since my mom threw my other Barbies away when I went to university...sigh...I would of loved to have still had them. Any way I think she is gorgeous. For me she can sometimes be a pain to photograph. She always comes out looking strange, I can't place my finger on why she sometimes looks strange in my photos. Maybe she likes to make faces at the last second...I don't know.

Introducing Mina:

She was originally a Fashionistas Clutch wave 1 Raquelle released in 2011. I couldn't find her in my stores as I was late to realizing collecting Barbies is cool and made me very happy. I only started collecting Barbies in June 2012, so I ordered her online from the US. She came in a rather damaged box but I didn't care she was coming out of it anyway. (You can look at my Raquelle collection post to see). She started my obsession with this face sculpt. She was the first one to use it, Hence why it is known as the Raquelle face sculpt. She is just a beautiful doll and, in my opinion, is a must have for a Playline collection.

The next girl I am going to show you is Nicole:


This Pink haired beauty is from the 2012 HairTastic doll line. She originally came with tinsel in her hair but I removed that. Nicole is one of my favourite dolls, but that is because she has bright pink hair!! Like Kylie she also had a glue seepage problem that I had to fix as well. I really hate that Mattel puts so much glue in their heads. I am pretty sure if they used less glue, just enough to keep the hair from falling out, they would save money and have happy customers. Anyway back to Nicole, her pink luminescent hair made her a must have for my collection. 

I can't show you Nicole without introducing her twin, Rachel:

Rachel is also from the same 2012 HairTastic line. She got de-tinseled and treated for glue seepage just like Nicole.  Her ultra violet hair was just so amazing and vibrant I had to get her. The only difference between Nicole and Rachel is their hair colour. They have exactly the same make-up and face sculpt.

Next is Mari:

Another one of my Raquelle face sculpt girls. She is from Fashionistas line that came with a pet that was released in 2012. Her colour pallet was , in my opinion, stunning. It made her look completely different to the other Raquelles I owned. I got her from my Fiance for my Birthday in 2012. 

Up next is Joslyn:


Another doll that I received for my Birthday in 2012. She is also from the Fashionistas Clutch wave 1 line that was released in 2011. I love the colour of her hair. It is the closest to blonde I have in my collection. Joslyn and Mina were the only dolls from that line that got to keep thier bodies. the others became body donors.

The newest edition to my doll house, Rei:


Rei is a 2013 Fashionistas Barbie doll from the line known as the Glitter line. I got her for Christmas. I removed her tinsel. she looks much better without it. Since I am a fan of Sailor Moon I decided to call her Rei after Sailor Mars. I watch Sailor Moon in Original Japanese not in English so I spelt it like in the Japanese version. For those that are interested the English version spells her name like this: Raye. She is hands down the most beautiful Raquelle made to date. Her natural lip tone and smokey eye make-up is absolutely stunning. She is definitely a must have in any collection. If you don't have one, go get one. I promise you will not regret it. 

Lastly I will show you guys my Life In the Dreamhouse girls that was released in 2013. I love this line. From the awesome fashions and rooted eyelashes to the cute facial expressions.


Midge is just Va-Va-Voom. If you watch the webisodes you will get what I am saying. I am so happy that they decided to bring her back and with a Steffie Face sculpt. She was the first of the line that I got. Who can blame me she has red hair and freckles. I would of liked it if her eyes were green, but she is still a stunning doll. I cannot wait for the new one from the Barbie Glam Luxe Style line to come out!

It is definitely Raquelle's time to shine. The doll they made for her is adorable. I love the facial expression and I have fun photographing it. She is my favourite character from the webisodes so she was a must have for me. She is my favourite Barbie doll that I own.

Teresa was also a must have for me. I loved her the moment I saw her. I didn't like her original hair style, so I restyled it. Her expression just gives her so much character. 

Summer is gorgeous. Her hair colour is stunning. I love her webisode character so her doll was a must have. I still need to get Babs and Nikki and Ken (maybe). If they make a nice Ryan and articulated versions of Babs sisters (Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea) I would like to get them too.

So that is my Barbie Collection for now. I will end off with a few group shots.

Courtney and Kylie

Mari, Rei, Mina and Katrin

Nicole and Rachel

LITDH - Midge, Teresa, Summer and Raquelle

Until Next time...