Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Modern Disney Girls

Yay for first post of 2014!! Today was a public Holiday so I spent it having some fun with my dolls. I re-bodied my 2012 (first release) Disney Store Merida doll on a Liv Schools Out Hayden body. She came out looking awesome!! The more modest girl body of the Liv doll suited Merida perfectly!!

Merida right after her body swap

When I posted this on my Flickr account a friend suggested that I give all my Disney girls a modern look. So I accepted the challenge as I haven't done something like this before, not with all my Disney girls. Well, this was the result:

Group shot

I don't have a Jasmine or a Mulan yet and my Tiana is in need of a spa day before she is camera ready. Anna and Elsa should be on their way to me soon too.

So lets start with the pre-renaissance princesses. I loved how Snow turned out!! I need to fix her hair though it is still quite frizzy. For Cinders I tried to capture the original colours of her ball gown (Silver and white). Eventually I would like to reroot her in a strawberry blond colour like in the movie. As for Aurora I wanted an outfit that captures her as Briar Rose (The name given to her by the 3 good fairies that raised her). It contains both Blue and Pink, so Flora and Merryweather don't have to fight over the colour :P

2011 DS Snow White, 2010 DS Cinderella, 2013 DS Aurora

The dress I put Belle in reminds me of a Mondern version of her village dress. Pocahontas outfit just seems right, and I believe she would wear something like this. For Rapunzel I tried to give her a more arty look. I am happy how it turned out.

2011 DS Belle, 2013 DS Pocahontas, 2010 Disney Parks Rapunzel

Lastly are my Disney Store Liv Hybrid girls. Merida never without her bow and Ariel looking ready for a beach day!!

2012 DS Merida, 2012 DS Ariel
This was a fun project and kept me busy for most of the day. I love how they all turned out :). So that was how I spent my first day of 2014. It was a good start to the year.